Pecan Firewood

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Hardwoods for Fires

Hardwoods make better firewood than softwoods. They produce more heat energy per pound of wood, burn longer, and produce less smoke and soot. You may pay more for a cord of hardwood than for softwood; however, hardwood is more dense so it weighs much more than softwood. So you actually get more for your money with hardwood. In fact, you may get almost twice the fire for the money! If hardwoods are properly seasoned (dried), they will burn very hot.

Pecan wood for Fires

Pecan wood is the cleanest burning and best flavored of the nut woods. The aroma of a pecan wood fire is as enjoyable as the warmth of the fire itself. It burns hot, it doesn't pop much, produces the least amount of soot, and it has a very soothing mild aroma.

Pricing - $240 per unit

We sell only Pecan firewood. It is all cut to 18" lenths so it will work in any fireplace. We sell it by the unit, one unit is 18" deep, 4' high, 8' long. This is a little more than a third of a cord. The price is $240 per unit.